Tuesday, April 19, 2005


Go Dodgers!

Another baseball season is off and running, and the LA Dodgers are having their best start since '81, when they won the World Series. For that matter, the LA Angels of Anaheim, Orange County, much of Nevada, the Bahamas, parts of Mexico, all of Hawaii, the populated portions of Alaska, and one municipality in the Philippines aren't doing so shabby either.

All SoCal World Series? Nah. That's ridiculous. No Chicago World Series? Well, yeah. That's likely.


Have you heard the one about the 70-foot wave?

I sure have.

You see, over the past week, Our Man in LA has been Our Man in the Bahamas.

It seems that Harold Glazer, official father-in-law of OMILA, turned 60 over the weekend. Many of you know Harold, a cross between Tony Soprano and Clark Griswold. Well, we knew we needed to celebrate this milestone in style.

So we headed for a three-day cruise to Nassau from Port Canaveral Florida. Fun trip. In Nassau, we hung out at the Atlantis resort - going down the ludicrous but cool water slides, gambling in the casino (OMILA won at the sports book, and we came back having only about $200 lighter after collecting our winnings).

I'll post the pix when they're available.

Then came the Saturday night trip back to the States. You might have heard about the cruise ship Norwegian Dawn, which was heading from the Bahamas to New York and got caught in a freak storm. Folks were injured, property was damaged. There was a rescue and emergency docking in South Carolina.

Well, we weren't on that one. But we were in the same storm. Sure, that only meant 50 foot waves to Norwegian Dawn's 70-footers. That only meant canceling some entertainment, the wives calling it a night early, and a few dramamines taken instead of a few gin and tonics.

We got through it. But thanks to the last night on the ship, I can still feel the motion of the rocky seas. I haven't gotten my land legs back. Thank God I live in SoCal. If there's an earthquake now, I won't even feel it.

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