Tuesday, September 16, 2008


You talkin to me?

Happy three months, Gracie.

Friday, September 05, 2008


Almost three months....

L.A. Baby turns three months old in just a week. Can hardly believe it. A few highlights about our girl Gracie.....

She's measuring at 24.5 inches long. Yep, she's grown 4.5 inches in the first ten weeks of life. She's outgrown all her 0-3 month clothes and is wearing onesies for 6 month olds. We have our eye on the WNBA. Go Sparks!

She's also gained 5 pounds in 10 weeks, weighing in now at 12 pounds, 7 ounces. Grace has learned to roll from her back to her side and is starting to be able to hold her head up by herself in sitting position. She is really vocal and loves making all sorts of sounds. She just started experimenting with her first consonant sound yesterday. It was the letter "B," as she regaled us with the sound "Baaaa." Love it. She just had her first immunizations last week, and handled it like a pro.

Below, the "L.A. Baby montage"........

L.A. Baby wakes up:

L.A. Baby plays:

L.A. Baby thinks:

L.A. Baby attempts to sit:

L.A. Baby with her mama:

Stay tuned for more on the L.A. Baby front!

Thursday, September 04, 2008


L.A. Baby makes a political statement

Our Woman in L.A. here.

I forwarded the below picture of our girl Gracie to Chris this week. Here's a recap of the conversation.....
Steph: I'm forwarding you a picture of Grace for your blog.
Chris: Okay, cool.
Steph: You can use it for a political blog entry.
Chris (looking at the picture): Her onesie says "peace". When did peace become political? (pause) Oh, yeah, now.

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