Friday, August 26, 2005


Nudity banned in the Midwest

A few years back, when my good friends Greg Rolnick and MJ Lippman got married, they did the whole bachelor/bachelorette party thing on the same night.

It's good thinking, really. Our Woman in LA and I did the exact same thing. It cuts down on the spouse-to-be thinking about what kind of debauchery his or her life partner might be doing RIGHT NOW if the spouse-to-be in question is doing his or her own.

Anyway, Greg's boys night out included a few moments that shouldn't be mentioned in a family friendly blog like mine. But for the MJ's bachelorette party, the ladies (including Our Woman in LA) went to see some show called "Naked Boys Singing", in which, as you might imagine, a bunch of fully nude guys sang songs and show tunes or something.

Frankly, I'm a Midwestern guy, so more details than that were unnecessary.

I don't know how the show was, or how the rest of the night went. I do know that my wife's drinking abilities so inspired another bachelorette party guest that at Greg and MJ's wedding, the two of them downed a half dozen or so tequila shots.

Of course, also at that wedding, Reggie, Steve and I found a guest who was willing to act as a surrogate version of Hans for the night, and Our Woman in LA became inebriated enough to ask several of our friends if they'd like to see how short she is (5' 3", by the way).

Anyway, this all leads up to today's big news out of Milwaukee . . . that a regional production of the aforementioned "Naked Men Singing" has been closed down in Fonzie's hometown. You can read about it here:

Now, normally, I'm a big fan of Milwaukee. The city boasts two - not one, two - restaurants where the primary servers are midgets. How can you beat that?

But today, I weep for the bachelorettes of Milwaukee. Alas, ladies, it's back to phallic-shaped squirt bottles and buck-a-suck T-shirts for you.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005


It's been an age . . .

Many, many apologies to the few of you out there in blogland who stop by from time to time to learn about those Wielands of LA. It's been far too long.

The summer has been jam packed for the Wielands, especially since the wife returned to LA from a great time in sunny FLA. It's also been one of the most expensive couple of months on record for the Wielands. Consider:

By the way, as of August 30, 2005, here's the new Wieland address:

1964 Rodney Drive, Apt. 302, Los Angeles, CA 90027.

Phone number will likely remain the same. We're moving on to Vonage (also the new employer of Michael Glazer, aka Official Brother-in-Law of Our Man In LA, and now known as Our Man in New Jersey) for the cheap phone service.

And then there's the rest of this here summer in LA. I'm still getting some interest on my script NEIGHBORHOOD HEROES, and I finished another one last week. The wife is assistant directing a show up in Hollywood, and we've been trying to hang with some old friends who have recently landed in the City of Angels - like Arik Martin and MK Gallina from Chicago and Dave Eckstein most recently from San Fran.

Also getting ready to bid adieu to Hans Noel, who leaves sunny CA for a year-long fellowship at Princeton later this week.

And, of course, training - or avoiding the training - for the half marathon we're running Labor Day weekend in Virginia Beach, VA. The goal is to do the 13 miles in about 3 hours. We'll see. If you don't make it around the course in four hours, a trolley comes around and picks you up off the pavement. Nobody wants to take the trolley. It's not like there's a keg on it or anything.

Crazy, crazy times. But no more avoidance of the blog. I'll be back with more soon.

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