Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Baby Girl, you're on my mind . . .

So in case you haven't heard, last week Our Man and Woman in L.A. learned the gender of the forthcoming Our Baby in L.A.

If you've heard this before, move along. These aren't the Droids you're looking for.

Anyhow, ladies and germs, Baby Wieland is . . .

(Drumroll please)


That's right. We're having ourselves a little girl. Baby Girl Wieland will be showing her cute little head around these parts in the end of June. Getting pretty excited about it, honestly. There are baby clothes in the closet already. The home office is in flux, on its way to becoming the home nursery.

Oh, yeah. And we've got visual aides! Take a look at this:

It's a picture from inside Our Woman in L.A.'s belly. Now I know that some of the details might seem a little blurry, but keep in mind that Baby Girl Wieland is still only the size of a can of Coke.

But OK, if you squint a bit, you can make out her ear, her eyes and the beginning of her nose. You can see her hands and fingers, her long arm stretching and pushing, and what's that next to her head?

Yeah, it's her foot.

Baby Girl Wieland's already doing yoga. It's like she knows what life in Los Feliz is all about already! We'll let you know when we have photos of her quaffing lattes at Psychobabble Cafe or discussing the latest Wes Anderson film over veggie burgers at Fred 62.

Presumably, these photos will come after the birth. But we'll see.

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