Wednesday, September 08, 2004


Sorry about that

OK, so here's the skinny.

I'm just learning all this blog stuff, so bear with me. Yeah, yeah, I know. You've read the same post twice. Twice! Two times of me talking smack about my friends and family! Two occasions where I try and tell you that LA's not all that bad, even if there is no NFL team.

I'll be good from now on. I promise.

Here's the thing. New blog subjects are forthcoming in the next day or so. And I'll try and make it funny. Really, really funny. Like the tragic sitcom of a life we all have.

So here's the TV Guide version of the next post:

OUR MAN IN LA (Sitcom) - "The Klingon to Italian Dictionary" - Chris goes to a Star Trek convention for work; drives out to the Valley; and shows his wife's family the sites.

Coming soon.

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