Wednesday, January 12, 2005


I can see clearly now . . .

Because, yes, the rain is gone here in Southern California. After a few days of torrential downpour, difficult driving, and the occasional leak in the house and the car, it's all over. We're drying out.

The weather's been pretty bad, though I've had worse. In fact, this week has crystallized for me how I've become a "weather wimp" in just a few short months out here. This morning, I walked to my car. It was sunny and beautiful, somewhere in the mid 50s. I complained about how "freezing" it was.

How much am I a stranger in a strange land, weather-wise? Well, on the morning news show today, the weather girl said the following:

"It'll be 64 downtown today. That's the warmest it's been since Christmas!"

Strange indeed. But I'll muddle through.

i warned you living out west would make you soft!
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