Wednesday, March 02, 2005


No boulevard of broken dreams here . . .

People say that you can come to LA, and six months later, you're a star.

While this might or might not be true, my wife is having her Andy Warhol-esque 15 mintues of fame this week. Stephanie was quoted and photographed for the front page of the LA Times California section this past Sunday. You can read the story here:,1,247060.story

You might be able to figure out how to see the photo, too. It's a cute shot, despite her protests.

The real irony, of course, is that Steph's appearance in the article is due to her work at Kaplan Test Prep, a job she'll be leaving in May. That's right. It seems that she's been hired to direct two productions with the Florida-based Lovewell Institute of the Arts over the course of the summer. Every year, Lovewell brings together a collection of kids and teens. When they arrive at Lovewell, they've got nothing. By the end of the four weeks, they've written, produced, and performed in an original musical. The kids write the songs from scratch, they write the book from scratch, and so on.

Steph loves working with kids and teens. It's been the best part of her job at Kaplan, and it's been what she's enjoyed most when we worked at Scrap Mettle SOUL and when she did Lovewell last year.

Steph will be assistant directing the production for 13 to 18 year olds, and then she'll be directing a younger group of kids immediately after. She'll spend 8 weeks in Florida - meaning that Our Man in LA will likely spend hours upon hours drinking beer and playing video games.

But let's here it for the girl, here! Steph and I can't wait for this next step.

And by the way, you can read about Lovewell at this link:

It's a very cool program.

Oh yeah, upper 60s and sunny with a light haze in LA today.

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