Tuesday, March 22, 2005


Out-of-towners = Rainy Southern California

It's possible that it's just us.

This winter, California has experienced its rainy winter since the 1880s. The upside of this is that it may well take another 120 or so years for it to be this rainy again.

The downside of this is that the sun goes away, as if in spite, whenever my lovely bride and I have out-of-town guests in LA. A few weeks ago, it was the mother-in-law. She was here for 6 days. It rained for all of them. Whoever heard of not being able to go outside in Southern Cali?

Apparently, those who know Stephanie and Chris Wieland.

This past weekend, Reggie Newton and Sarah Finch popped for the last leg of their West Coast trip. Don't get me wrong - we had a great time (thanks in advance for moving to LA, Newton-Finches!). We ate and drank, went to a couple of parties, watched some great basketball, and so on.

The sun was out for approximately four daylight hours during their time here. It was, however, extremely clear on the second night.

So anyway, another set of Chicago friends arrive in LA today to hang out, go drinking, etc. And what do Brian Sharpe and Kelsey MacLachlan have to look forward to?

Partly cloudy with showers in the afternoon.

Dude . . .

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