Friday, June 24, 2005


A celebrity sighting I actually caught

Sure, I might not have known any of the cute, fluffy MTV kids from their little "white party" last night, but I did have a celeb sighting that's good for what ails the 30-something .

Went out for sushi with my buddy Hans the other night. He's moving out of his apartment this weekend, making a brief stop in Pacific Palisades for the rest of the summer, then heading to Princeton in the fall. So we wanted to say goodbye to his West LA hood at EN Sushi. You know EN if you watch Curb Your Enthusiasm. Larry's grabbed a couple of meals over there on the show.

So anyway, who do we see but Indiana Jones himself, Harrison Ford, gray and bespectacled, grabbing a seat at the bar. No doubt Harrison likes to down a little soju or sake these days, just to mercifully forget "Hollywood Homicide" and "Six Days, Seven Nights".

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