Wednesday, June 01, 2005


Will the streets of Chicago be safe?

Some of you might remember Chicago's own self-styled super villain, Dr. Chaos. Basically, he was this tool from Wisconsin who drew together a bunch of runaways to a team he called the Realm of Chaos. They hid out in unused subway tunnels around the CTA Blue Line and plotted all sorts of nefarious actions, ranging from vandalism and arson to gassing the CTA subway lines.

Well, the legal system has given Dr. Chaos a break. You can read about it here:

Will the City be safe? You'll have to tune in to find out, true believers!

By the way, Chicago never really was very successful on the super-hero front, was it? I mean, Thor lived there for a little while. So did Blue Beetle and Supergirl. And I suppose with Batman Begins, you can now argue that Gotham City is sort of Chicago.

But I don't know who's up to the task of Dr. Chaos . . .

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