Tuesday, September 27, 2005


A new morning ritual

All right, so it's clear that Our Man in LA is not a born blogger. Over the summer, I've averaged just more than one blog entry per month, and that's no kind of good. So I really am going to try and get more entries out there. One a day if I can muster it.

It's not like the last few weeks haven't been event-filled. There have been clashes with senior management in the workplace, scripts completed in the home office, new ones begun, a move to a new apartment, and, most recently, a visit to the Urgent Care Center that proved more harrowing than it was supposed to.

At any rate, those days are over now. The boss that we call "Hurricane Peter" has left for his sabbatical, and things in my life are calming down.

That's why I wanted to share my new morning ritual with y'all.

You see, in the new Los Feliz digs of Our Man and Our Woman in LA, we've got a balcony off the master bedroom. It looks out on a tiny, well-maintained Japanese garden, and next to it, a Spanish Mission style Catholic church. In the distance, you can see downtown LA to one side, and the Hollywood Hills to the other. Crane your neck in the right direction, and you can see the Griffith Park Observatory (also visible from the living room).

For those of you interested in the film history, that's the spot where James Dean first met up with Natalie Wood in Rebel Without A Cause. Gorgeous building, poised on a hilltop.

So anyhoo, each morning, Our Man in LA gets the LA Times off his doorstep, pours himself a cup of java and makes a plate of breakfast and adjourns to his personal linai from about 7 am to 7:30 am. The sun is shining, it's usually still a brisk 65 degrees outside, and you get some sun and what passes for fresh air before starting the day.

Pretty much, it's what we imagined when we moved to LA. And now it's here. Love the new digs. Love the new neighborhood. Bars, restaurants, movies and bookstores a short walk away. The legendary Hollywood Arclight Dome just a short drive. This is the good stuff.

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