Wednesday, October 05, 2005


Aw, see, those cops aren't DUMPING the homeless . . .

This article from today's LA Times counts itself as one of the most vexing things that this particular white liberal and new Angelino has read in a while:,0,3581498.story?coll=la-home-headlines

You see, those suburbs of LA who were taking homeless and mentally ill people from their municipalities, transporting them to LA's Skid Row, and then giving them a figurative kick in the ass and driving home - well, they've got an excuse now. They're claiming that Skid Row happens to be the place where most of the city's services and low-income housing is, and so they're actually doing these poor people a favor by dumping them there.

See, they're nice suburban police officers. Really. No, seriously.

Really? REALLY? Jesus Christ.

I don't even know where to begin. OK, how about here? How about the fact that cities and their governments exist to serve the needs of the people. So if you've got poor people in your community, you need to serve them. Not bus them away to someplace else.

Back in my homeless relief days, we called this type of behavior NIMBY-ism. In other words, people want the homeless and mentally ill served and assisted, only NOT IN MY BACKYARD. This is the way community selfishness leads to whole classes of people being marginalized. It would be disgusting if it weren't so common and boring.

Truly, what can we expect in this country. Former First Lady Babs Bush was recently quoted as saying that the people evacuated from New Orleans to the Astrodome were actually enjoying their stay, because they were mostly poor, and this was a step up.

Man. Some people just cry out for a karma smackdown, don't they?

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