Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Before the parade begins, taking issue with the truly windy . . .

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past month, or unless you just don't follow sports at all, you know that the Chicago White Sox are one game away from winning the World Series - thus ending an 88-year drought on the South Side of the nation's so-called Second City.

Moreover, if you know Chicago fans and media, you know the extent that the city and its denizens bang the drum of long-suffering sports fans, desperate for a title.

Today in the LA Times, J.A. Adande, a columnist and former sports editor of the Daily Northwestern (located at Norris University Center at Northwestern U., Evanston, Illinois), takes issue with this kind of talk. Apparently, Chicago sports fans, he notes, have forgotten about their six NBA championships during the 90s, not to mention the 1985 Bears team that won the Super Bowl and seems to come up in casual conversation in the Big Windy almost as often as moaning about the Cubs and Sox.

Anyway, read on . . .,1,1803067.column?coll=la-headlines-sports

I'm rooting for the Sox to win it all this year. It'd be cool. It'd probably force the Tribune and the local Chicago TV stations to notice the other baseball team in town.

But I have to agree with Adande here. If you want to hear true fan lament, call my cousin Tom - a lifelong fan of the Indians, Browns, and Cavaliers (and now defunct Cleveland Barons of the NHL).

Of course, he also lives in Columbus, Ohio, now - where he suffers through Blue Jacket games and endures the pain of being an Indiana U. grad in an Ohio State town.

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