Friday, October 14, 2005


Girls and comics? Ridiculous!

OK, one more post before the weekend.

As most of you know, I'm something of a comics geek. And I'm married. Comics and girls don't always mix, but Steph is a gamer.

She is very supportive of my comics habit, and she's been really supportive, even though the comics are definitely not her thing. She can name all the members of the Justice League and a good number of the X-Men. She knows the difference between Marvel Comics and DC. That's perfect. She even has a preference, hero-wise: she likes the DC guys because they're classics that never go out of style. Marvel, she says, has characters that are cool, but they look dated over time.

Kool and the gang.

But I would say that Our Woman in LA is not always comf in the comics store. The folks who run the place sometimes skeez her out. The other customers can make the place uncomfortable.

She once went to a comics store in Chicago, looking for a cool gift for my birthday. When one of the clerks tried to sell her a statue of Batman as a vampire, she felt like maybe she was in the wrong place.

So anyway, Johanna Stokes of has written a column about how comics stores could actually reach out to that elusive female audience. I checked it out and it brought me a smile.

Check it out:

If you've been begging your baby to join you in the comics store, at least now you might know what to look for.

And I agree. The life-sized Spidey statues are creepy.

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