Thursday, October 13, 2005


LOST, but with some support

Sigh. Last night, as readers know, should have been the last time I watch ABC's hit drama and source of annoyance LOST. Earlier this year, following a particularly irritating finale to the show's first season, I promised that I would give the program only four episodes this year, to either shape up or ship out of the Wieland family TV lineup.

Frankly, the show didn't shape up. Last night's episode was every bit the annoying tease that the previous week's show was. And so on.

But last night, Our Woman in LA stacked the deck against my natural inclination to growl at all things about Locke and co. She hosted a Lost get-together. Six or seven of our friends descended on Casa del Wieland to watch. So it's not like I could storm out of the room when the show got ridiculous, is it?

But this ended up working out for me. See, at least two of my guy friends - Eric and Nick - were on hand, dragged out by their girlfriends, who, like my wife, are addicted to the show. And they share my opinion of the program. Hell, they're more eloquent about it, too.

"This fucking show," Nick said, when Jin's ability to speak fluent English was revealed to be part of Hurley's dream.

"Lost is the television equivalent of blue balls," Eric said when the program failed - for the umpteenth time - to reveal anything of moment.

Finally, I had company. Somebody else is annoyed by this show. Somebody else feels compelled to watch and yet hates himself for it.

"Every week, I complain about this show," Nick said. "And then I'm there to watch it again the next week."

Horrible, isn't it? I mean, really. What is it about Lost? It's as addictive as heroin, but you never get high. Great googly-moogly.

So anyway, the wife is going to try and get this crew together again next week - whether at my house or someone else's - to watch the show. Which probably means, much to my dismay, that I'm going to be watching Lost next Wednesday, getting frustrated with it, and then watching it again the week after that. Crap.

"Worst episode ever," Nick said as he and the gang headed for the door last night. "See you next week."

Exactly. Grumble grumble grumble.

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