Friday, January 06, 2006


Elmo goes postal

It was only a matter of time before Our Man in LA retreated from the sweet euphoria of the Texas Longhorn national championship and began talking about things that are truly ridiculous once again.

Who'd have thunk it would take just a day.

Put this link in your browser and check it out:

Apparently, a TV station in Central Florida (home to the happiest place on Earth) is reporting a totally family un-friendly story.

I guess there's a new book out for little kids about Sesame Street regular Elmo becoming potty trained. I for one had no idea that Elmo wasn't already potty trained, but I try to avoid all the celebrity gossip shows on TV. I could easily have missed it.

The book comes with an Elmo doll, an Elmo commode, Elmo TP, and so on. Just the kind of gift that little boys steer waaaay clear of.

Or maybe not. We all know how prone to violence us young men are. Apparently - and this is the crux of the story - when you push a particular combination of buttons in the "Elmo Goes to the Potty" book, Elmo's got a question for all the bad little boys and girls out there (particularly the ones in diapers just a little too long):

"Who Wants to Die?!?"

Parents are protesting this as a sick joke. I for one am celebrating Elmo's reinventing himself as a darker, edgier muppet.

Seriously. Who knew Elmo could be so cool? The Trent Reznor of the Jim Henson crowd? Oscar the Grouch has got to get a whole lot grouchier to compete with this.

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