Friday, January 27, 2006


We don't need another hero . . . We just need to get some soooo-da!

So it's lunchtime, and I'm getting my Friday feed at the Baja Fresh on Wilshire. The place is always crowded - lines to get in, lines at the salsa bar, and my God, lines at the soda fountain. So I'm waiting in line behind a guy who's getting his super-sized cup of Sierra Mist. He finishes up, sees me standing there. This is the exchange:

Sierra Mist Guy: Sorry about that. I'm taking up the whole fountain.

Me: No worries. It's every man for himself.

Sierra Mist Guy: Yeah, man. It's like Thunderdome.

For a moment there, I was transported to a post-apocalyptic world. Mel Gibson as a long-haired Mad Max. Tina Turner as the villainous Aunty Entity, forcing bedraggled survivors to do battle over nachos, baja ensaladas, and burritos.

And then the moment passed. Got my food and left.

Remember, in Thunderdome, Max gets the Mahi Tacos.

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