Monday, February 27, 2006


News item: Our Man in LA not dead!

I know, I know, I know.

Sorry. Seriously, very sorry.

Hard to believe, but it's been a month of radio (or Internet) silence from that Midwestern boy out among the lights and stars of LA. Wish I had a good excuse for my absence . . . and I do, sort of. I just can't go into it as much here, not for a little while still.

But when I break open the real story . . . man, it's gonna be great. And if not great, then at least good. If not good, then at least fair. If not fair, well, look, it'll be at least marginally better than a poor story.

The point is, Our Man in LA is back. Blame the absence on the February Sweeps Month - it makes everything out in LA uber-hectic. And as you know, this CW has a whole lot of business going on, getting his CW Network off the ground for next season.

Got that Aquaman show coming on come September. It's called Mercy Reef. Doesn't quite roll off the tongue like "Smallville", does it? Yeah, well, a superhero in blue and red who flies is an easier sell than a superhero in orange and green who talks to dolphins and octopi. Them's the facts.

At least we got Vincent Chase from ENTOURAGE starring in it. Wait, what? No? No Vinnie Chase? Ving Rhames? We have Ving Rhames in Aquaman?


By the way, that last bit was serious. Not a joke. Ving Rhames. Marcellus Wallace himself. Hot off the success of his Kojack remount, this is Aquaman's mentor - a lighthouse keeper in, ahem, mammal's world.

Yeah. I don't know if I'll watch it, either. I liked MAN FROM ATLANTIS with Patrick Duffy, when I was like six.

But back on target. Sorry about all this. A little unfocused for that first blog back. Lots to report from hazy, rainy LA. Our Man in LA is hard at work, toiling at scripts, fund raising his heart out, and generally taking in the culture of this city on the edge of the Western World.

Here's the guarantee. You'll start hearing about it every day again. Tomorrow will bring the first Tuesday Top Five in quite a while. And then we'll find something interesting, or at least moderately amusing, to fill the other days of the week.

So not a joke, not a prank. Not a mirage in the desert of the Southern California basin. Our Man in LA is back, and he won't take a vacation like this one for quite some time.

See you tomorrow.

PS. Congrats to the Rolnick-Lippmans on being moved into their new casa. Viva new casa!

PPS. Our Woman in LA says hi. See you right here on Tuesday.

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