Friday, March 10, 2006


A much-belated Tuesday Bottom One

Crikey, Our Man in LA writes a lot on these catch-up days.

As I said in the last post, yes, I know it's Friday. But the day job got pretty hectic this week - we had our Big Celebrity Event at the Beverly Hills Hilton on Wednesday, and it put the daily blogging further down the list. Sorry, sorry, sorry.

But that doesn't mean I'm shirking my responsibilities. Nope. Here, even on Friday, is the Tuesday Bottom One:

1) The Death of Edgar Stiles. Edgar, the beloved sidekick of personality-challenged wiseacre Chloe O'Brien on 24, bit it and joined that 24 Cast Party in Sky. He was exposed to nerve gas that terrorists piped in to the CTU headquarters, and before our very eyes, fell to the ground while Jack and Chloe watched in horror.

Our Woman in LA found herself particularly incensed. Edgar was one of her favorites, she said. Why'd they have to kill him? He was nice, and cool, and we liked him. And there are sooo many other characters whom we could do without.

I won't list all the better deaths here, but I don't disagree. And probably, that's why Edgar went down. Because we all liked him and would feel remorse about his passing, something that wouldn't happen with, say, Jack's girlfriend Audrey or Sean Astin's jagoff character.

As she went to bed that night, Our Woman in LA considered dropping 24 from her TV rotation, the same way I often consider dropping LOST from mine. And, as I've suggested, the way many junkies often consider dropping the black tar smack from their daily routine.

Alas. We're addicted. But bummed about Edgar. He'll be missed.

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