Friday, July 21, 2006


Crank it up! Way up!

We don't do much with music here at Our Man in LA headquarters. It just isn't a subject I feel that comfortable blogging about. I don't know where the coolest internet music sites are, I don't vibe on the coolest bands. When I glance through the CDs in my car, I find a collection that seems like an amazing facsimilie of what I owned when I was in college nearly 15 years ago.

To me, it's still about Springsteen, U2, Mellencamp, the Police, the Replacements, and a few others. Sure, I branch out occasionally. I like Coldplay. I like Linkin Park, I like Eminem. But otherwise, I'm set in my ways.

But just because I don't spend my days haunting the aisles of Amoeba Records on Sunset doesn't mean that I haven't heard the occasional pop song. For example, not so long ago, there was that "You're Beautiful" song by James Blunt. First heard that on an episode of SMALLVILLE, then proceeded to hear it on the radio EVERY DAY for about a year.

Heavy duty radio play like that deserves some ridicule - and by someone with more solid musical skills than mine. So imagine my pleasure at going to the link below:

Do yourself a favor. Click on that one. Sit back and breathe it in. Think about the crappy jobs you may have had, and the crappy workspaces, and enjoy. If you've ever worked long hours in a dismal office, or dreamed of making a diorama of the cube where you work, this song is for you.

Have a good weekend, y'all.

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