Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Tuesday Bottom One

Okay, I’m back. Our Woman in L.A. is here to provide you readers with some good ol’ procrastination reading. Heck, that’s what I’m doing right now. I’ve got lists up to the ceiling, and yet, I find myself writing this.

So, instead of one big Tuesday Bottom One item, I thought I would salute a variety of recent bottom one moments. And . . . we’re off:

1. Getting your ears irrigated at the doctor’s office. Had to do this recently. I’ll spare the details. Let’s just say, yuck!
2. Buying groceries and getting home to unpack them to realize the produce you bought is all moldy. Contemplating getting back in the car to drive to the grocery store to return said moldy items, and realizing that the gas money you’ll spend getting to the store will be more than the reimbursement for the food.
3. Overheating. It’s been happening to me at night. In my sleep. Wake up in sweats. I know, it’s not good. I got it checked out, at the same appointment as the ear plunging incident. I’ll keep you posted. But if Chris says one more time, “You’re like a furnace! Move over! Don’t touch me or I’ll start sweating,” I will be sad.
4. Work drama. Yep, it exists. Hard not to when you work primarily with teens. I love them, but recently had to set up the “can’t call after 8 p.m.” rule (unless, of course, it’s an extreme emergency). It worked for a while. Until one of them got a hold of my home phone line (damn caller ID!). Loved that call at 11pm to tell me, “Hey, Steph! Just wanted to let you know I got that release form you emailed me. My dad is signing it tonight, okay?.” Yeah dude, it’s fine. It’s also 11 p.m. And I’m tired. Call me tomorrow. Oy!
5. Allergies. Yep, I have them. I am allergic to cats (and most dogs). This makes me sad, mostly because I think cats are cute. And I want to be able to play with them. But I can’t. It makes my eyes all gross and itchy and I get red hives on my face. Now I have to ask my friends to lock their animals up before I come over to hang out. Sucks.
6. Waxing. I won’t elaborate too much here. Let’s just say, Steve Carrell was not over-dramatizing it in 40 Year Old Virgin. “OOWWW! Kelly Clarkson!”
7. The recent death of Steve “Crocodile Hunter” Irwin. I loved him and his crazy animal adventure shows. He will for sure be missed.
8. The Bush Administration. Yes, that’s been a bottom one for a while now.
9. My unhealthy addiction to wasabi peas. I am working on it. Chris had an intervention recently and now we don’t keep them in the house. Your support is appreciated.
10. The song London Bridge by Fergie. Have you heard it? Okay, then I don’t need to explain. Buh!

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