Monday, October 30, 2006


It might not be the Great Pumpkin . . .

But at least it's from an extremely sincere Pumpkin Patch!

Happy Halloween to friends, family, and folks. Hope you're having a good night, away from the ghouls and goblins. And, to make a few more Charlie Brown references: 1) I hope you didn't have any trouble with the scissors . . .

2) That nobody got a rock; and 3) That nobody spent all night in a pumpkin patch with some blockhead . . .

Here in LA, Our Woman and I are spending a fairly chill All Hallow's Eve, not dressing up and funning with the hipsters in West Hollywood, or making the yearly pilgrimage to the Hollywood Forever Cemetary to catch a flick or a glimpse of a long dead stare.

Mostly, being folks who have to get up for work, we're sticking around the house, watching DVDs and having dinner.

But that doesn't mean that we can't entertain our friends with a few more pics.

See, before we left North Carolina, the wife and her dad and stepmom took a little time to decorate pumpkins and make some righteous Jack O'Lanterns.

In the spirit of the holiday, here's a few of them . . .

Sure, they don't look so tough right now, but the sun is going down. Mwah ha ha.

First there's this spider, courtesy of Our Father in Law in Carolina.

Seriously, if you wake up in the middle of the night and see this, you'll have two thoughts: 1) Why did I drink like that at Schumann's wedding? and 2) What the hell's a glowing spider doing in my bedroom?

And then, if you're living in a horror movie, you run. And maybe you die.

And then there's the bat, courtesy of Our Woman in LA . . .

And then it gets scarier at night . . .

And then there's the scary face, also courtesy of Our Woman in LA . . .

What can I tell you? I can hear Vincent Price's voice right now. Brrrr.

Happy Halloween, everyone.

Ok, I suppose I can understand the repeated questioning of why you drank so much at [my] Schumann's wedding? The fact that the lingering effects of all that booze, now manifested in night terrors, is truly a heartwarming message for me. I can just file that under "Job, Well Done."
shoes, i told you it was the WORST hangover i've ever had in my ENTIRE LIFE, right? I know I can be dramatic, but really, it was the worst hangover. I have never drank that much before, and honestly, don't think i ever will. it was a great wedding :) --steph
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