Thursday, January 18, 2007


Feel my head. Am I globally warm?

In case you guys have missed out on the news over the last few weeks (or been marveling at the amazing talents of AMERICAN IDOL contestants in Seattle and Minneapolis), there have been a few interesting developments. Namely:

* It snowed in Malibu.

* It snowed so bad in Texas that they shut down Interstate 10 south of San Antonio.

* It's not snowing in Switzerland, where people generally go to ski.

* The American Northeast and Midwest had their warmest winters in recent history.

* Polar ice caps and Greenland: Still melting.

So OK, can we finally admit that something strange is going on, weather-wise? Is it possible that global warming and the horrifying effects of pollution on our environment aren't just crazy "theories" (you know, like evolution)? Isn't it maybe time that we just accepted it?

I know, I know. I'm a crazy liberal. I live in California. My wife and I like the arts, Mac computers, hybrid cars, and liberal causes. Yes, we acknowledge that Al Gore was a terrible candidate for President, probably didn't invent the Internet, and probably wasn't the inspiration for Erich Segal's LOVE STORY (and honestly, would you want to be? Have you seen or read LOVE STORY?).

But that doesn't mean he's always wrong! No, Glenn Beck, Global Warming's not a "natural process." Come on.

Tell you what. If we can just agree on this and start working on our environment, I'll keep all my snotty comments about the LEFT BEHIND series to myself. Deal? I won't even challenge anyone on Intelligent Design, or scoff at the people who waste their time protesting gay marriage.

I will include a link to this cartoon in my blog. But I'm not made of stone . . .


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