Thursday, January 25, 2007



OK, we'll make this short.

Is it possible that this guy is the most horrible and obnoxious . . . thing that the Bush family has ever unleashed on our fine nation?

That's right, it's Billy Bush, host of TV's YOU'RE THE ONE THAT I WANT, where fools from all over the country compete to be publicly embarrassed as a couple of schlocky producers put together a Broadway re-launch of GREASE.

This guy - a cousin of our president, for God's sake - is the host of this schlock. He is - perish the thought - sort of Seacrest lite, which should be an oxymoron. But, well . . . this is what we're left with.

Now I know a lot of you folks out there expected me to make a political comment by opening with smack talk about those Texans from Kennebunkport. But no. Much as I'd like to take a swing at Dick Cheney or something, Billy Bush is honestly annoying me more this week.

Which is really just to say that Billy's on TV more. And Cheney's either in the woods hunting lawyers or in the secret bunker of the shadow government (which sounds like a great name for a video game).

I'd play it. Could shooting Billy be part of it?

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