Monday, January 29, 2007


Our Stupid Country Monday!

Hey there, everyone. Hope everyone had a good weekend. Nothing like a little time away to appreciate all the . . . well, all the stupid things going on in our world.

Here's just a sample. It's from the news today, where in Miami, they're planning a party. For the Super Bowl, you ask. Uh, no, not quite.

That's right. A party for when Castro's dead. Because we're still fighting the Cold War. And we'll show those mean old communists. Honest we will.

Of course, they've been shown already. They gave up corruption and rule by the mafia for lackluster government services and the like. But a whole bunch of old guys in Miami are still steamed! And you never, ever get in the way of an old guy from Miami who's steamed.

Usually you don't have to. Just stay away from the Early Bird Special at Sizzler, and you're 90 percent of the way there.

Then there's this . . .

Yeah, see, we should have seen this coming. The radical Christian Right in this country - the very people who brought you Intelligent Design, the "theory" of global warming, Bush in the White House again, not to mention the battle against gay marriage and the battle for prayer in schools - well, they've struck again.

They don't want yoga taught in schools.

It crosses the line, they say. Because yoga's based on ideals set forth in the Hindu religion and because of those roots, it violates the line between church and state.

Never mind that this is the same brain trust who thinks the world is 6,000 years old. Or that yoga that's taught in schools could technically be called "stretching" and they'd never notice. Nope. They did it. Beat us at our own game again. Used our own weapons against us.

So no yoga for kids. In fact, no exercise of any kind - since we've cut physical education programs in this country but continue to spend billions on someone else's Civil War (while mostly ignorning people in Louisiana). But at least our kids won't be godless Hindu types with a lot of flexibility. No sir. What could be more American than a lack of activity and complete short-sightedness?

Beats me. Who's up for a little Castro Death Party?

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