Thursday, June 14, 2007


Camp, Anyone?

Guest Blogger here. It's Our Woman in L.A.

Okay, so last night, Our Man in L.A. and I watched JESUS CAMP. Have you seen it? It's a documentary about an Evangelical Christian summer camp for kids. Whoa. I mean, really, whoa. We had to pause the movie a few times because we literally could not believe what we were hearing. A few examples:

"George Bush is Jesus' representative on Earth."

"We don't have to justify the way we feel about gays, the Bible tells us what's right and wrong." (spoken by Mr. Ted Haggerty)

"Global warming is a lie."

"Harry Potter is a warlock, and it doesn't matter that he's a hero because God will strike him down." (This one was my personal favorite.)

Look, I am in no way "anti-religious." You want to believe in something, you go for it. I support your right. But, come on, telling seven-year-olds to take a hammer and smash mugs - mugs that were supposed to represent the evils of the "liberal political system?" To seven-year-olds? At summer camp? At a religious summer camp? Really?

Did anyone see this movie? No doubt, it was awesome. It made me think. I just want to hear what YOU thought of it.

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