Tuesday, July 03, 2007


It just might be a Top Five . . . but who's counting

Between being a bad blogger and very busy in every other segment of my life, I realize that I haven't done a real TUESDAY TOP FIVE in months and months. But truth be told, I'm not sure I have five things to trumpet this week. But it's Tuesday, and I'm feeling guilty, so . . .

Well, we'll just call this STUFF I'M VIBING ON (unless there actually are five, in which case, we'll return to the original title). So here we go . . .

FLIGHT OF THE CONCHORDS - Have to say I was more than a little worried about what to watch on TV this summer, and it's been kind of a dismal year for comedy on the small screen (THE OFFICE notwithstanding). Until I saw this.

Oh my freaking God! So funny! The story of Jemaine and Brett, ex-pats from New Zealand trying to make it as a band in New York. It's shot like a rock video from the 80s, and each episode makes me laugh out loud.

Give them a listen. Try "The Most Beautiful Girl in the Room"; "Inner City Pressure"; or "She's so Hot! BOOM!"

If you're truly bold, there's a lot more on Youtube.

Just outstanding. Anyway, moving on . . .

BASEBALL - Even though it's always been pretty far down my list of sports hierarchy (below college and pro football and college and pro basketball), I've been really getting into America's pasttime this season.

Probably it's that both the Angels and Dodgers are doing great. I tend to be pretty fairweather about the game, so it helps to have two teams within an hour of me that win more than they lose. Plus, the Angels employ the rally monkey, and you know that can only lead to good.

Our Woman in LA already has promised that we'll hit at least a game or two more this season, which may mean that even she's getting behind the baseball jones. I would say more, but I don't want to wreck it.

CITY OF TINY LIGHTS by Patrick Neate. Great hard-boiled murder mystery in the tradition of Hammett, Chandler and MacDonald. Only it takes place in modern London. And the private eye hails from India by way of Uganda, and he fought the Soviets as part of the mujahadeen in Afghanistan. The caper moves along fast, incorporating murdered members of Parliament, terrorist wannabes, surgically-enhanced prostitutes, and a Herculean number of references to the game of Cricket.

Good stuff. Worth the read.

FIREFLY - The canceled Joss Whedon show. I'll admit, it took me the first disc to get into it, but when the show takes flight, it really rocks.

I know what you've heard. It's a western in space, with the characters occasionally speaking Chinese. It sounds weird. Yeah, yeah, yeah. But it's Joss Freakin' Whedon, for one. And his brand of humor and action really shines through once you get going.

Also, for the comics fans out there, it's definitely Joss' wind-up to start writing the X-Men for Marvel. All the cast regulars correspond pretty easily to stalwart characters from Professor Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. Unlike the movies, the Wolverine type - a tough guy called Jayne - isn't the focus. Instead it's on the Cyclops of the bunch - Captain Mal Reynolds (played by Nathan Fillon, late of BUFFY).

For what it's worth, Fillon's great. And he should have played Cyclops in the X-Men films. Personality-wise, he would have seemed a good foil for Hugh Jackman's scenery-chewing Wolverine.

I'm just saying.

So what is that? Four? Then the title sticks: "STUFF I'M VIBING ON."

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