Sunday, August 26, 2007


Hawaiian Journal-at last the truth comes out!

Hey there, folks!

Both Our Man and Our Woman in L.A. here. You might have heard that we recently took a sojourn to Hawaii for nine days. Heck, you might have assumed that was the reason nobody's been blogging around here lately. That's partially true. But, either way, we'd be remiss in sharing all our adventures on the left coast if we left out our travels in Maui and Kauai. Hawaii is, after all, one of those "western states."

So for the next nine days feast your eyes right here as we share with you our exclusive Hawaiian Journal! You'll find it all in here - helicopters, scuba, Hula Girls, and many a frozen drink. Read on, enjoy, and take heart: the Hawaiian Journal contains virtually none of Our Man in L.A.'s opinions on Michael Vick or the Bush administration. They get a break for eight days.

Day One:

First Quote of the Day: "I guess all that travel for work isn't so bad." (Chris Wieland, 2007)

Because of all my travel for the man (aka, the day job), we scored copious amounts of Frequent Flier miles on American Airlines. So many, in fact, that we were not only able to fly to Hawaii for free, but we also were able to upgrade to First Class for free.

That's right, baby. Warm nuts.

(Note of explanation demanded by Our Woman in LA: In first class, they serve passengers a small bowl of mixed nuts that have been warmed in an oven. Few things bring such joy to Our Woman in LA. In fact, we have considered buying mixed nuts at home, and warming them. Just to keep the morale high. "Warm Nuts" is not an album by Barry White, though it sounds like one.)

Other food items in first class included: hot fudge sundae, your choice of chicken or pasta, fresh warm rolls (also a hit with Our Woman in LA), salads, and all the free booze you can drink (which is plenty).

Second Quote of the Day: "Would you like a shot of anything you want for just three extra dollars?" (Waitress at Stinger Ray's Bar and Grille, Honolulu Airport, 2007)

Had a bit of a layover in Honolulu. Decided to get a snack - and a beverage - before heading to Maui. Can you believe the hospitality in these islands? A shot? Of anything I want? For just three more dollars?

Baby, we're on vacation.

Third Quote of the Day: "This luggage shredded, courtesy of Hawaiian Air." (Chris Wieland, 2007)

Uh, yeah. This isn't the way our luggage looked when we checked it. But since we'd already been to Stinger Ray's, we did have to look twice. And confer.

Eric at Hawaiian Air was really cool and reimbursed us for the destroyed duffel bag and roller board. Nothing lost, and we still had a decent buzz going.

Fourth Quote of the Day: "$89 for hummus, Lay's chips and a split of champagne." (Room Service Staff, 2007)

Got to the hotel - the incomparable Fairmont Kea Lani on Maui - and ordered up a snack. An expensive snack.

Luckily, we had this amazing ocean view from our room to keep us happy.

Fifth - and Final - Quote of the Day: "This is the best cabernet reduction sauce I've ever had. Did I just say that?" (Stephanie Wieland, 2007)

Finished off Day One with a great dinner at Nick's Fishmarket in the Kea Lani. Unbelievable food and view of the ocean. The waiters seemed impressed that we ordered another bottle of champagne. We tried to tell them - when you don't go on vacation for something like four years, you come out swinging.

Tomorrow: Who wants to go to a Luau???


but i do want to hear more. ;)

-prof. evenkeel
I like the progression of 'slackjawedness' in the pictures. Clearly there's something in the water in the west...oh, wait, it's ALCOHOL (the cause of, and solution to, many of life's problems...)

Welcome back to the continental United States! Reading your post makes me want to warm up some nuts, do a shot, and tear up a duffel bag.
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