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Hawaiian Journal – Enough of all the excitement, let’s kick back and dive down

Day 3

In our first two days in Maui, there’d been a lot of excitement and to-do. There’d been travel, and broken Magellan systems, warm nuts and shredded luggage. Maybe a little too much activity, we figured.

So we decided to take a break – chill on the beach, get a few more of those frozen beverages, and see a little bit of Hawaii’s natural beauty.

In Our Man in L.A.’s case, I decided to check out some of the natural beauty below the waves. I went SCUBA diving for the first time.

SCUBA’s always held a major fascination for me, but let’s face it: grow up in the Midwest, and you’re not going to get many chances to dive. As far as I know, there’s very little reef activity in the Ohio River. And I guess you could do it in one of the Great Lakes, but the required bath of Purell that follows was discouraging.

But the Fairmont had an introductory class, so I was off and . . . diving.

That’s Our Man in L.A. about 25 feet below the surface, holding a starfish. Those suckers can move. By this time, I was used to taking in the oxygen from the tank, and I was getting into it. From afar, we could see turtles out there, and tons of snapper, and a few living things like this one . . .

This is a sea pillow, one of those crazy little creatures that live on the reef. Not to be confused with the sea urchin, which looks similar but with more pronounced spikes. You don’t pick those up. Unless you’re into pain. And hospitalization.

Seriously, one of the coolest things Our Man in L.A. has ever done. The plan now that we’re back is to get SCUBA-certified, and take a few of these dives every year. You may have heard, we have an ocean here in California, too. In fact, it’s the same one! Who would have guessed?

It’s addictive being down there. I’ve got to go back. And when you’re done, it’s even sweet coming back up . . .

Quote of the Day #1: “Ah, it’s good to breathe through your nose again.” (Chris Wieland, 2007).

Amen, brother. Take off that mask, and breathe deep. You’re in Hawaii.

Editor’s note: While Our Man in L.A. took his first ever SCUBA dive, Our Woman in L.A. went to the spa at the Fairmont, where she chilled out and got girlie treatments and a massage. No pictures are available of this. You’ll just have to take her word for it.

Anyway, as the Replacements once sang, “A person can work up a mean, mean thirst after a hard day of nothing much at all.” It’s true. After the SCUBA and the spa, and lying around on the beach for hours, we were thirsty again – and hungry. So we went into the little town of Kihei to catch a bite, at a sushi place called Sansei.

Quote of the Day #2: “Uh . . . was that Clint Eastwood?”

Yeah, it was. Coming out of Sansei as we were walking in. We did a total double take.

Turns out Clint comes to the islands often, to golf and hang out, and really, to do whatever Clint wants to do. He’s Clint. Are you going to argue with him?

Celeb sightings are fairly common for us since moving west, but it’s rare that you get a really good one . . . like Clint. And it’s rare that you get someone like that coming out of the same restaurant you’re heading into. In fact, Our Woman in L.A. said:

Quote of the Day #3: “If Clint Eastwood eats here, it’s probably pretty good.”

And it was. In fact, it was the best sushi I’ve ever had. Crazy mango-crab rolls. Amazing hand rolls and sashimi and . . . look, it was just the best ever. Sushi so good that Dirty Harry leaves his gun at home. I think. Clint didn’t seem to be packing . . .

Tomorrow: The Endless road and the hidden treasures

Ok, I'm SO glad that guys found Sensai. I had mentioned it in my Hlog (or Honeymoon Log since I don't have a blog), and while we didn't see the Man With No Name while dining there we did have some REALLY good sushi. The sashimi & the appetizers were outstanding there -- probably the best sashimi & apps I've ever had. I'm loving the Daily Log here and am jonesing to go back to Hawaii now.
Thanks Rob! I didn't know you guys went to Sansei. I think there are two of them. We went to th one in Kihei, not too far from our hotel. The best sushi ever! :) -Steph
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