Friday, August 31, 2007


Hawaiian Journal - Things Have Been So Stressful, So NOW It's Time to Relax

Day 6

People say that all good things must come to an end, and as such, Our Woman in L.A. and I had to pick up and leave Maui. But sometimes, when those good things come to an end, there's some interesting details in the fine print.

Like, for example, we still had four days left on our vacation. And this four days was on another island. We were headed to Kauai, the island considered most laid back and authentically Hawaiian. Phew! Because that Maui was a pressure cooker. Armed with new luggage (paid for by Hawaiian Air), we caught a flight out and headed to the so-called Garden Isle.

I've gotta say, folks on Kauai seemed pretty friendly. In fact, just as we left the rental car agency, we saw this little welcome sign . . . just for us.

Pretty sweet of them, huh? It's like they knew we were coming.

Note from Our Woman in L.A.: In case it's hard to see, the big sign says "Aloha! Welcome to Kauai"

Kauai's a pretty amazing place. It's one of the least inhabited of the islands, and it really does feature some of the most amazing flora and fauna around. What kind of fauna, you ask?

You know. Wild chickens.

That's right. Wild. Chickens. They're all over the place, wandering the fields, the forests, and yes, even the roads. They look a little bit like this . . .

There's a chicken outstanding in his field! Get it? Huh? Wink, wink. Nudge, nudge.

Why'd the wild chicken cross the . . . field? To . . . sigh. Never mind.

Because this was a day of travel and transition for Our Couple in L.A., we didn't have much on the agenda. Just check into the old hotel (the Grand Hyatt Resort and Spa), have a good meal, and chill out in the new surroundings. With that in mind, here's a quick little view of our new digs:

Yeah, roughing it is tough, but we make due. After all, it's what made America great.

So into the Hyatt we went, checking into a room that was just about perfect. Just about? Yeah. Our Woman in L.A. swore she smelled something . . . strange? We both loved the room, but what was that smell? I said she was being crazy, but I should have known to trust the nose.

What was it? Find out on Day 7, True Believers!

That's right. Woo-hoo! We here at the Our Man in L.A. blog are all about keeping up the suspense. Chew on that for a day or so, guys. Chew on that, indeed.

How'd the rest of the night go? Well first we got gussied up to take in a meal at Tidepools, the swanky restaurant at the hotel. We looked kinda like this . . .

Great place, that Tidepools. Blue frozen drinks, an amazing scallop appetizer, Mahi-Mahi for the lady and "Opah" fish for the gentleman. And a chocolate dessert that pretty much was to die for. Or kill for. Or, at least, pay for. Which we did.

How good was the meal? I'll let Our Woman in L.A. explain . . .

Yeah. That about sums it up.

But don't get comfortable, folks. It's not all fabulous dinners and blue drinks in Kauai. No, sir. We still had adventures to experience, mountains to climb, oceans to ford, and the sky to conquer. Hold onto your hats (and seriously, if you don't have one by now, then I'm done telling you to hold onto it). It's not over yet.

Next post: Come fly away with Our Couple in Hawaii . . . and what was that smell?

Seriously? 'Why'd the wild chicken cross the field?' ...No, I get it!!
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