Monday, December 31, 2007


An Answer for Grant

Recently, Grant Blair, official pal of Our Man in LA, wrote in to inquire about the forthcoming Baby Wieland. What he wanted to know was where the baby's NFL allegiances lie. Would it be a Bengals fan, like its dad (in other words, would I subject a newborn to the pain and suffering that is Bengal fan-dom), or would said child be a fan of a currently non-existent but maybe-someday new Los Angeles-based club?

I should have seen this coming.

One thing that is extremely clear about Baby Wieland's interest in sports is that he or she will no doubt favor the college game over the pros, in both football and basketball.

Why, you ask? Because it's the Wieland-Glazer family way. Baby Wieland's Dad comes from a background that favors the mighty Longhorns and the mighty Buckeyes in football, not to mention the Hoosiers in basketball. We also like Northwestern, but that's not really as sports-related, to be honest. Baby Wieland's Mom is related to the mascot of the Tar Heels, for God's sake. And she should be a DePaul fan, too, but frannkly, the Blue Demons fall off just because the list of favored teams is loooooong.

So, here's the skinny on the pro teams we would like Baby Wieland to favor:

1) In football, probably the New York Giants (favorite team of Mom's family) until such time as Al Davis dies and the Raiders return to LA. Then we'll flip a coin. Steph also wants the world to know that she likes the Manning brothers. Because they're cute. And good. But mostly cute.

(Editor's Note: Our Man in LA does think that the NFL will return to the LA area some time in the next 60 years. Likely, it'll be the Raiders about 20 minutes after Al Davis passes away, IMHO. But it could also be the Jacksonville Jaguars, whose fan base can't even sell out a stadium in Jacksonville. Jacksonville! Where there's nothing else going on! At least in LA, the fans would stick it out for a couple of quarters or until it was clear that we wouldn't win. Anyway . . .)

2) In pro basketball, well . . . it'll be hard to ignore the Lakers, but we have a strict anti-Kobe policy in this house. If the Chicago Bulls would just take him off our hands, we would be happy to celebrate the Lakers. Till then, Clipper Nation, we salute you!

don't take that football loyalty thing lightly my friend. in the next 2 weeks sarah and i appear to be on a collision course with the skins & packers. one of us is going to end up on the couch before its all over.

p.s. fuck all those raider haters!
Face it you two, the only safe option for the children is to support their "home" team (i.e. LA and Chicago, respectively). That being said, Kenny can choose whatever team he wants to support, be it the Cubbies, Bears, etc., but his daddy will always nudge him towards the Thrashers...and the Braves...and the Red Sox...and the...well, you get the point. ;)

Besides, I figure the harder I push towards one team the more he'll 180 on me in his moody high school years and go in the opposite direction.

Of course, in Reggie's case, that little girl will play her parents off of one another. "Daddy, if you buy me that pony I'll tell Mommy that Brett Favre is a big boogey head."

-Prof. Evenkeel
Happy New Year! I didn't even think about the Giants possibility for the NFL, Chris, but with Steph's family having the New York connection that makes sense too. Heck of a game with the Pats the other night.

As someone who has maintained my Red Sox, Patriots, Celtics and UConn loyalties despite the better part of 17 years in Chicago, and whose brother-in-law is a Yankees fan, I know how tricky the sports loyalty issue can be within a family. Personally, living in another city has entrenched me even more with my teams as a way to maintain my identity as a New Englander living in the midwest.

Just the thought of even one of my 3 nieces being a Yankees fan makes my skin crawl, but I trust that my like-minded sister will intervene in this matter.
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