Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Happy 70-degree Holidays!

What, you say? It's not 70 degrees where you are, on this sunny and beautiful Christmas day? Seriously? It's not?

I mean, what more does Our Man in LA have to do to get you people out here?

That's right, 70 degrees, clear and sunny on December 25. Really good day to go to the beach (a trifle cold, I'll grant you), but pretty nonetheless.

So anyway, I'm not back on the blog just to gloat about the weather out here on the left coast. That's just a small side benefit to posting again. Instead, I'm here to catch up with old friends and readers, and to let you all know what's up. It seems like I've had a bit of a pattern going here of late. You know the one.

First I go on a long hiatus from blogging. Then I come back and swear - SWEAR! - that I'm going to start posting regularly. Then I do, for about a week and a half. And then we rinse and repeat. Each time I come back, it's with a vengeance and an armload of excuses. It's probably a little annoying to the reader . . . but you have to ride the horse that brung you.

So here they are, in quick succession and no particular order, my excuses for being away so long:

1) Started shooting a short film in rural Georgia. Our Woman in LA and I went down to the tiny hamlet of Colquitt, Georgia, a couple of months back to start work on the short film A GARDEN CALLED GRATITUDE. I'm working with the Swamp Gravy theatre company and Community Performance, Inc. to produce this project, hopefully the first of several short films. Our Man in LA serves as director of the film and also adapted the screenplay from the really amazing play VISITING HOURS. I'll be heading back there in the New Year to continue shooting.

2) Spent Thanksgiving with the wife's family in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Have you been to the Outer Banks? To be honest, I wasn't a believer. I thought, "Sure, it's a beach, but I've seen beaches. I live near a beach. Maybe you've heard of it . . ." I was wrong. Really gorgeous scenery, and Steph's dad rented a house that sleeps 30. You had to drive a couple of miles down the beach to even get there. We went kite flying, ocean fishing, and we even took the extra trip to Kitty Hawk to see where the Wright Brothers took their first flight. Pictures to follow, assuming that I get to it.

By the way, beautiful though the Outer Banks (official acronym: OBX) might be, Ohio is still the birthplace of aviation. Eat it.

3) The trailer to the new Batman movie is on line. I've seen it like a gazillion times, and it keeps getting cooler every single time I see it. Go to newsarama.com and fish around for the link.

4) Oh yeah, I had two one-act plays debut at the Ruby Theatre at the Complex in Hollywood. The shows - BABY ON BOARD and GAME NIGHT - were part of a one-act showcase back in October. Special thanks to Our Woman in LA for her incredible direction of GAME NIGHT and to longtime buddy Zack Durant for his direction of BABY ON BOARD. The plays of Wieland anchored the night - they were the first and last plays performed.

Not to be outdone, Our Man in LA directed one of the shows as well - returning the favor to Zack by working over his short play SMOKING.

5) Hard at work writing - working on a novel and doing some clean-up on a couple of scripts. And when I'm not doing that, I've been traveling a seriously crazy amount for the day job. Over the past couple of months, there have been six trips to one end of the country or another. Four more trips are planned for January alone.

6) Getting my blog on, travel-style. Check this out. Our Man in LA recently posted to the blog at Orbitz.com. Check out the link at blog.orbitz.com. Longtime readers will notice amazing similarities between the post on Orbitz and the drunken ramblings of Our Man in LA's Hawaiian Journal.

See what I mean, they're not really good excuses, but at least there are a bunch of them. If only I could come up with a good excuse for not posting over the last few months. What kind of excuse could I use . . .

Thinking . . .

No, I don't think renting Volver on Netflix and not watching it for two months counts. What else . . .? I knew there was something . . .

Oh yeah!

Our Woman in LA is with child. That's right, fools! She's HAVING A BABY!!!!!!! WE'RE GOING TO BE PARENTS!!!! THAT'S PARENTS, LA-STYLE!!!!!

That's a pretty good excuse. More to come.

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