Tuesday, December 25, 2007


It's Baby Time!

Wait a second, what did Our Man in LA just say at the end of that post? What was that?

Yeah, Our Woman in LA and I are having a kid. It's baby time.

The past three months have been exciting and crazy. Steph just completed her first trimester and is approaching week 15. We've made friends with her OB, we've seen ultrasounds, and this is just beginning to get cool. We've seen and heard the baby's heart beat. Wild. Seriously.

We've seen its fingers, arms, feet, and an ear on the latest ultrasound. I'm here to tell you, that baby looks marvelous.

Our Woman in LA and I live in a cool city. We've traveled the world. We do cool things for a living. We have cool families and cool friends.

Nothing - not one part of that list - prepped us for how amazing it is to see our baby moving around in Steph's belly. This isn't hyperbole, and it's not any of that witty stuff we normally post. It's just incredible.

Here are a couple of other pertinent details:

1) Too soon to know the gender, but yes, we are going to find out whether it's a boy or girl. We're planners. It's not about painting our soon-to-be-former home office pink or blue, it's about preparedness. For what it's worth, everyone seems to have an opinion about what it will be, what sports team it will root for (which is comical, really, because of course it's going to be a Longhorns fan), and what it will do for a living (should we start spending its movie star/professional baseball player income now??). We just want it to be healthy and happy. The other stuff is gravy.

2) About this morning sickness stuff. It kind of reminds me of that essay question in high school World History. You know the one. "The Holy Roman Empire was neither holy, nor Roman, nor an Empire. Discuss." Yeah. Morning sickness is neither morning, nor really sickness in the regular sense. Steph says people don't really talk about the nausea, the grumbly stomach, the vomiting, the dizziness, and the general feeling of a hangover after a party given by Schumann.

I've never seen anyone smile through conditions like these (anyone remember how we all felt the day after Newton's law school graduation? Woof.). But Our Woman in LA is feeling good. And it's maybe starting to fade a little bit. Knocking on wood . . . reallly hard.

One last thing on the morning sickness point. What's with the conflicting old wives tales? First we hear bad morning sickness means it's a boy. Then we hear it means it's a girl. Seriously, can't all these old wives get together? If we can put a man on the moon, can't we get our old wives stories straight?

3) Due date: June 28, 2008.

A couple of notes on this date. Of course, Baby Wieland could be early or late in greeting the world. But I for one am happy with the June 28 due date. Why? Because if the baby comes on that day or later, it will not be a Gemini. And seriously, we're lousy with Geminis in this family. If it's a Gemini woman, so much more the worse. Consider: Steph's a gemini. So's my mom. So's her step-mom. So's our sister-in-law.

This has to end.

Note #2. June 28 is exactly two weeks after the opening of this year's City at Peace-Los Angeles show. No, of course Steph isn't taking time off. Sure, last year she was up till 4 a.m. every night during the week before the premiere. Yes, she's directing the show and its 50 or so teens again this year. What, me worry?

Steph's going to be fine. She's got a great staff, terrific support from City at Peace-National, and a group of kids who already look to be a great cast. It's going to be good. And hey, if Baby Wieland decides to come during the show, I can pretty much guarantee that the audience will never, ever forget this year's performance.

More to come on the baby. Happy Holidays to all! 2008 looks to be the best year yet.

Why does everyone always blame me for being hungover after either a party that I've thrown or attended with them? When people make random phone calls in hotel hallways, pass out on back porches and on bathroom floors cuddled with the bathmat, and....wait, this is all the mom-to-be! CONGRATS STEPH!!!

So having a baby is like going to a Schumann party!! I can live with that! :)

Congratulations Wielands!

Nice, Shoes. Yeah, those days are over. Clearly. Nowadays, it's all apple juice and passing out on the sofa at 8:30pm. I'm a party animal!--Steph
Just you wait till you're passed out with a champagne glass in one hand and a sippy cup in the other. ;)

-Prof. Evenkeel
All I was trying to say is that I'm glad I was around for those moments. Mum's the word when it comes to telling Baby Wieland those stories!!

Thanks guys. Oh, MJ, I can't even imagine :)

I really miss you guys. --Steph
Hey Howdy!

Rock on on the procreation! I'm thrilled for you and as an experienced (ha!) father, I can say I wish I had done it earlier. If I had had children when I was 20, they could be my designated drivers now.

I wish you both the best and will just say that you should never get between a pregnant or breast feeding mother and her food.

Stay healthy and have a great baby.

and now all the men of the blue whale are entering the fatherhood game. sarah and i are so happy for you both.

you can put my guess down as boy -- and he's not going to date my daughter!
Chiming in a bit late as I was out of town last week for X-Mas, but I just wanted to pass along my congrats to you both. Whoo hoo for baby Wieland! Sounds like you have a lot to look forward to in 2008.

So, Chris, the pressing question for me is NFL allegiance. Will the kid be a Cincinnati Bengals fan or the fan of some yet-to-be determined Los Angeles franchise that may never come into existence?
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