Wednesday, January 09, 2008


A little bit of intelligent design, Vegas-style

Regular readers know that I'm not much for posting articles from other sites here at Our Man in L.A. I figure that web browsing's a very personal thing, and who am I to impose? But this - this is just too good. It's an article from my hometown newspaper, the Los Angeles Times.

About hookers. For Jesus.

Hookers for Jesus, everyone. In Vegas. Read about it here:

You know, the Nevada Caucuses are coming up. Who wants to bet that these ladies are stumping for Huckabee?

Hmm, was "stumping" the wrong word to use?

Sounds to me like they are retired hookers for Jesus. That makes it different, right? And, Chris, don't be a hater. :) Steph
Hookers for Jesus is a nonprofit, faith-based organization. So, no. They are not "stumping" or doing any lobbying of any kind for any political candidates. Nonprofit organizations are forbidden from doing so.
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