Tuesday, July 29, 2008


LA Baby's first quake!

It's been a pretty crazy day for LA Baby and the whole Wieland family. By now you've probably heard that we Angelenos had a 5.4 you-know-what today just a little before noon.

Now everyone knows about California and the earthquakes. There's practically a whole subplot in Superman: the Movie about them. It's trade off that Golden State residents accept in exchange for missing out on hurricanes, blizzards, dense humidity, static electricity, and roving gun and knife shows.

But for outsiders, the quakes are a big black mark of Cali's permanent record. The fact is, if you ask dyed-in-the-wool midwesterners (or southerners, or easterners)why they'd never, ever consider a life out here on the left coast, well, first they'd probably tell you it's because they don't want to live around all those crazy liberals.

And then they'd use that old chestnut about change of seasons, and how important it is to . . . whatever. (Our Man in LA never really bought into that whole line of reasoning, anyway - and hell, with global warming, who knows how many seasons there'll be anywhere before long?)

But the third reason folks would say that they avoid California like they avoid a stuttering Jehovah's Witness is the earthquakes. And to be honest, they're not all that much fun. Today's quake was only about 30-40 seconds but seemed longer. At Our Man in LA's office in Koreatown, the building shook.

At Casa del Wieland, Our Woman in LA and LA Baby both experienced their first quake (Steph has managed to be out of town for the other two we've had since 2004). Books and photos came down off the bookshelves, and it was a bit scary. Particularly for Steph, who knew what was happening. To Gracie, I imagine it was sort of like having the entire apartment become her bouncy chair.

And bouncy chairs are fun, right, LA Baby?

Ah, any excuse to get a photo in the blog of my daughter smiling . . .

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